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Highly-skilled geotechnical specialists

The geotechnical division here at Geotechnique Pty Ltd consists of a team of hard-working and highly-skilled specialists with extensive experience in the industry. We offer a wide range of expert geotechnical services covering all aspects of engineering.
Our extensive range of geotechnical services includes everything from initial site evaluations and investigations, through to the design stages of a project, and then concluding in quality control of construction operations.
Geotechnical Construction Services

Site investigations

Our specialists have extensive experience of working at a broad range of sites across several industries. We offer a comprehensive investigation service, consisting of:

  • Acid sulphate soil assessment
  • Assessment of building settlements
  • Assessment of pavement failures
  • Effluent disposal evaluation
  • Evaluation of landslides
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Salinity assessments
  • Subsurface exploration and investigation
  • Terrain evaluations

Engineering analysis and design

The specialist team at Geotechnique Pty Ltd have extensive knowledge and experience in engineering. This knowledge is a key aspect of our geotechnical services, allowing us to accurately assess:

  • Allowable bearing capacities
  • Embankments and slopes
  • Excavations and retaining structures
  • Groundwater 
  • Micro-tunnelling and directional drilling
  • Settlement and consolidation
  • Slope stabilisation and ground improvement

Construction services

In addition to environmental assessments, investigations, and specialist geotechnical services, the team at Geotechnique Pty Ltd can provide a range of reliable construction services including:

  • Foundation inspections
  • Inspection of excavations, retaining wall construction, and pavement construction
  • Installation and monitoring of ground instrumentation
  • Level one supervision of earthworks, including density testing
  • Monitoring and inspection of pier and pile installations
  • Pavement design
  • Site classification
Contact Geotechnique Pty Ltd on 02 4722 2700 for more information on our range of geotechnical services.
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