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A history of excellence

Soil testing is an important aspect of any site inspection and evaluation. No matter what use the land is intended for, the composition and state of the soil is absolutely fundamental. Here at Geotechnique Pty Ltd, we specialise in all aspects of professional soil testing.
Our technicians carry out all of their work according to stringent standards and regulations and go out of their way to take the same rigorous approach to every test. We strive to deliver excellence and honesty at every stage of the undertaking.
Certified Soil Testing


We specialise in soil testing in accordance with both Australian Standards (AS) and RTA Standards. Additionally, we provide a range of services including:

  • Level one earthworks supervision according to AS3798, "Guidelines on Earthworks for Commercial and Residential Developments."
  • Pavement design and evaluation
  • Site classification
Soil Testing to Australian Standards

Certified soil testing

Here at Geotechnique Pty Ltd, we are proud to be certified as a Quality Endorsed Company. We offer a broad range of expert soil testing services, including:

  • Soil preparation for testing (AS1289.1)
  • Soil moisture content testing (AS1289.2)
  • Soil classification testing (AS1289.3)
  • Soil chemical testing (AS1289.4)
  • Soil compaction and density testing (AS1289.5)
  • Soil strength and consolidated testing (AS1289.6)
  • Soil reactivity testing (AS1289.7)
Quality Endorsed Soil Testing
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